20 January 2014

One Day. My Happy List

A new year means new hopes, dreams, aspirations and life adventures. So I thought I'd compile my own little list; a list of what make me happy. Here are the things that never cease to make me smile, let out a giggle and be thankful for the life I have and what a wonderful world this is.

my happy list.

the new york skyline  |  the smell of puppies  |  rain on the roof  |  random acts of kindness  |  house floor plans  |  learning something new  |  wearing brand new socks  |  when traffic makes way for emergency vehicles  |  the peak of weightlessness on a swing  |  reading a great book  |  lindt chocolate  |  cuddling baby animals  |  singing in the car  |  a bunch of flowers  |  the sound of a can opening  |  browsing asos sales  |  visiting somewhere new  |  the power of music to transform any mood  |  crab sandwiches  |  a fresh shellac manicure |  popping a bottle of champagne  |  cuddles from a loved one

I'm sure this is just the beginning of my list... As I was writing it I realised how hard it was to think of the things to write them down. It's more that I realise them when they actually happen to me so I'm going to make an effort to consciously remember what brings a smile to my face so I can continue the tradition of this list; because who doesn't love to be happy?

After all, I truly believe that happiness is a state of mind... So choose it.

Photo by Krissie.