10 January 2014

Style It. 1920's Masquerade

New Years Eve 2013/14 and I had a pleasure of attending a murder mystery dinner party that my friend was hosting. If you've not been to one of these before it's sort of like a real life game of Cluedo. Everyone gets given a character that you must 'be' for the evening, then halfway through dinner someone is murdered and the guests have to figure out who-dun-it.

My character for the evening was Blondie Fawn, renowned Hollywood actress. The venue was a 1920's themed masquerade ball. Both were totally up my alley so I was excited to plan my outfit.

Here's what I went for; classic black dress with my favourite faux fur stole (found in a vintage shop in New York), signature Audrey Hepburn-esque cigarette holder and netted mask that I made myself with some materials from Spotlight.

And for those who are wondering, I wasn't murdered [thank goodness] but I did figure out who the killer was! That's Detective Blondie Fawn to you.

Photo by Krissie.