2 February 2017

One Day. The Best Fitness Intro Offers In Melbourne

I'm notoriously sporadic at exercise. I'll get super into running for 6 weeks, then won't go again for 6 months. I'll join social tennis for a season, then never go back. I'll hit the gym every night for a week, then throw in the towel.

Honestly, I'm the worst.

I think I've simply got to put it down to my Gemini personality; I get sick of things quickly, I'm always seeking some new and exciting challenge...

But this year, I sought to turn over a new leaf. Well sort of. I decided to accept my sporadic fitness nature and embrace it. How, I hear you asking? You're probably envisaging no exercise at all, Netflix marathons and home-cooked chocolate brownies. Nope. You've got it all wrong. It's far more sneaky than that...

I've decided to take advantage of all the new sign-up offers available in the fitness sphere in Melbourne. You know where you join up to try something for a fortnight or a month and there's a flat rate for unlimited classes. Thus satisfying my craving for brief, intense periods of exercise, before moving onto something else. Clever right? Well lucky for you, if you're based in Melbourne, I've rounded up the best introductory offers. Right this way...

One Hot Yoga
Cost: $50
How long: 14 days
Where: South Yarra
What: Unlimited yoga and pilates, and 3 reformer pilates classes

Fight Fit
Cost: FREE
How long: 1 session
Where: Collingwood
What: Boxing, kickboxing and circuit training

Cost: $30
How long: 7 days
Where: Various locations
What: Team-based, functional training (apparently it's the new CrossFit)

Cost: $30
How long: 3 classes
Where: South Yarra
What: Leg-shattering spin classes

Cost: FREE
How long: 1 session
Where: West Melbourne
What: Self-defence so you can kick butt [if you ever needed to...]

KX Studios
Cost: $30
How long: 14 days
Where: Various Melbourne locations
What: Yoga, pilates, barre and cycle classes

Alegria Dance
Cost: $35
How long: 14 days
Where: Cheltenham
What: Dance workshops and classes including salsa, rock 'n' roll, tango and more

Who knows, maybe I'll see you there...

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Photo by Krissie.