23 June 2016

One Day. Onboard The Silversea

In my 26 years of existence on this planet I've never found myself on a cruise ship. To be honest I'd always thought of them as holidays designed for people other than myself... You know as that saying goes - cruises are for overfeds, newly-weds and nearly deads.

Well I think we can now say I've been well and truly converted after a delightful little day on the majestic Silver Wind, one of Silversea's luxury ships.

This grand cruise liner was docked just next to Tower Bridge the other week and I had the opportunity to climb aboard and experience ship-life for a day. We boarded via the HMS Belfast (which was quite exciting in itself), and so my day at sea upon the Thames began. Even London's grey skies and endless drizzle couldn't dampen my spirits.

I must say other than the gentle rocking motion, I would have thought I was simply inside a very grand hotel. With elegant fixtures, multiple restaurants, a swimming pool and some pretty snazzy rooms, the Silver Wind is just one of the fleet's many impressive boats.

After exploring the expanse of the ship, with me swanning around envisaging I was staying in one of the grandest suites like Rose from Titanic (minus the iceberg crash of course), it was time for some lunch. 4 courses to be exact. I've gotta hand it to the chefs, the food on board is great. Our appetiser was a tower of crab meat with avocado and caviar. As crab is my ultimate favourite food, I was delighted.

Next we had grilled swordfish with artichokes and a zesty vinaigrette.

Then the main event was the tenderest roast beef with polenta and asparagus. The meat just melted in your mouth like butter, wow. Mum you would have loved this one!

Finally we finished with a little berry basket, complete with a giant coloured toffee shard. I tell you it was a hell of a lunch, and the lucky passengers on board can expect this at every meal. Talk about spoilt.

We happened to be aboard the day before the Silver Wind was setting off for a 14 day cruise around Scandinavia, and as we departed later that afternoon I was transfixed by the boarding passengers and their enviable cruise-style wardrobes. There were panama hats galore, nautical stripes and flowing white shirts. These guys sure know how to dress for the occasion.

Personally I've got my eye on one of Silversea's Mediterranean voyages. It sails through Greece and up the Dalmatian Coast. Just my cup of tea! Or should I say cocktail?

If an adventure at sea is calling your name then check out more information here and use their handy tool to find the perfect trip for you.

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Photos by Krissie.