19 June 2016

One Day. The Magic of Elm Row

Even after two years in this incredible city, you'll often find me spending my days wandering around various neighborhoods. It's in my nature to explore. And wherever I am, from South Kensington to Richmond, I always manage to find such beautiful streets with charming homes and character-filled gardens.

My most recent little discovery was the aptly named Elm Row in Hampstead. With a huge Elm tree that leans over the street, this little laneway is tucked away behind the station and lined with gorgeous cottage homes with bright front doors.

Blouse / Jeans / Wedges (my absolute new favourites) / Bag

There's no doubt I could feel very at home here. And I must say the residents certainly have a knack for gardening, there were such beautiful blooms. Not to mention the endless ivy that just seemed to trickle down the walls.

Wherever you find yourself this weekend I encourage you to go out and explore. There's always everyday magic to be found. Perhaps it's just around the corner...

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Photos by Jessica Marano.