19 May 2016

One Day. Ballet Bootcamp with Smyth Sculpt

I’m pretty excited for the arrival of summer as I’ve got an incredible 4-week trip planned. Even better is the fact that Mum’s flying over from Australia to share it with me. Most of the destinations I’ll be hitting are by the beach, hence a bikini body is required. Cue full body workout with ballet whizz kid Aaron Smyth.

Aaron and I go way back. You’ve probably seen him on TV or on stage; this guy has certainly hit the big time – he used to dance for the American Ballet Theatre and the Royal Ballet, and last year he was on America’s Got Talent. Wind the clock back 10 years [to my dancing hey days] and we performed together in our high school musical of Grease. It’s totally my claim to fame. Now we just catch up to wine and dine around London minus the dancing [or at least on my part, Aaron still throws in a grand jeté en tour here and there].

Anyway, this clever guy has joined forces with his sister Natalie, a nutritionist and naturopath, to create The Smyth Collective. They want to teach us mere mortals how to nourish our lives through movement and well being. Aaron asked me along to try out his newest class Smyth Sculpt last weekend. It utilises ballet principles and dance-inspired movements. It’s a lot of fun but a hell of a workout. Four days later and I can still feel it in my muscles.

Aaron even told me I could master Swan Lake after just one class. Only kidding! A girl can dream.

It’s pretty clever what these guys have created because they change their location each week; from green landscapes in Hyde Park to a quaint backstreet dance studio. And the best part? You get to go to brunch all together afterwards. Cue amazing smoothies and fruit-filled pancakes at Redemption in Notting Hill. After the appetite you’ve worked up, I have no doubt you’ll be hungry.

If you’re interested in trying it out or getting some health and nutrition advice then hop on over [or should I say pirouette over!] to The Smyth Collective.

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Photos by Krissie.