5 December 2014

One Day. Somerset House Ice-Skating

It may only be early December but I have enough Christmas spirit already for everyone - even those of you self-proclaimed grinchs. Last week, on November 26th to be exact, I gave a contented sigh as I realised I had finished all my Christmas shopping and wrapped all the presents. Told you I was keen beans!

My Christmas cheer has only been increased this week with a delightful visit to Somerset House for ice-skating. We arrived in Christmas jumpers and all, ready to enjoy the occasion under the stars. This place just sparkled with all the Christmas festiveness you could hope for - there were cobblestoned pathways, a brightly lit rink and a giant Christmas tree that induced a reflex "oooh" as soon as you saw its twinkling lights.

After an aromatic mulled wine it was time to take to the ice. Skates were donned with a retro playlist to get us in the mood; the mix was Ed Sheeran, ABBA and of course YMCA had to be thrown in. We carved up the rink with absolute elegance and skill including elaborate twists and turns, while those around us clung to the railings... Actually maybe that was us, I can't remember which was the accurate version but who cares! We had a ball.

And as the night ended we took one last stroll of the square, watched the skaters hang up their boots and wished in vain we could reach up to pinch a decoration from the giant tree to take home.

Photos by Krissie.