8 December 2014

Must Have. Beat the chap: my top five lip balms

As much as I’m loving London’s winter festivities at the moment, my lips are really suffering from all the arctic air! So much so that I took myself off to the store last week and stocked up on a basket full of balms (I’m serious I went wayyyy overboard). With one in every handbag, at my bedside and on my desk, I am now an aficionado on those that actually work to give you a baby-skin-soft pout. Here’s my top picks…

Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter 
Good old Vaseline, you can always rely on them and now they've upped the ante and brought out a new delicious smelling lip tin. You can't go wrong with cocoa butter.

Paul & Joe Lip Treatment
Tell me anything is Parisian and I'll most likely love it, there's just something about that word! This balm is full of uber moisture perfect for those extra icy days.

Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm
Since my mum first got me this a few years ago it has remained a favourite of mine: smells good, adds a sheen of colour and locks in moisture. Tick, tick, tick.

Nivea Lip Butter Tin Raspberry
I have long been an advocate of Nivea body moisturiser and this lip butter gets my seal of approval too. Plus I'm loving the raspberry scent!

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm
I mean straight away what do you think of? Fairies and the like? Me too! The packaging is cute, the shade is sweet and the moisture is packed in.

With my handbag well-stocked, I’m ready for any potential suitors (*blows kiss*) and the bonus is I smell like a rainbow!

Photos via product brands.