15 December 2014

Must Have. Winter Hats

A funny thing happened in London this past week. Where there was once a sea of heads in the crowd, this has now been replaced by a sea of beanies, fedoras and baker boy caps. It's official, winter has arrived. How do I know? Because it has definitely become 'hat season'. For me despite my chapped cheeks and frozen fingers I'm rather thrilled because I've always loved a good hat - not to blow my own trumpet but I seem to have been blessed with a face shape that suits them - hooray! Time to hit the stores because here are my favourites...

The Fedora
Ah the go-to chic fedora that has overtaken every girl's wardrobe in the last year. This modern style does urban-cool with ease and has become the token accessory of bloggers, stylists and fashionistas everywhere. Why? Because it just looks so good!

The Russian Fur Hat
Add a little international flair to your collection with this iconic style. Definitely one for a European winter, I can just see myself strolling through Red Square with bright red lipstick and matching talons.

The French Beret
Forget those awful bobble beanies and go for real style with a classic French beret. My grandma had a beautiful collection and I like to think I got my love of the style from her. Simply position on a slightly tilted angle and do hair in a low-side-chignon. Parfait!

The Wide Brim Floppy [I-can't-see-anything-under-here] Hat
You know what I'm talking about... the hat that is oh so stylish but requires you to turn your head at very dramatic angles in order to see anything. This style of hat is simply a necessity for your wardrobe; perfect for chilly but still days (wind is a problem with this bad boy) and for occasions when you want to ignore people.

The Wool Cloche Hat
Take a trip back to the 1920's with this classic style. Ever so chic and feminine, this is definitely one for Sunday strolls or brunch with the girls. Old world charm at its best.

Photos via retailers.