1 December 2014

Style It. Ways to Wear White

This year, Vogue magazine came out with a nifty little series of clips called "73 Questions" - basically the premise is that a cameraman meets up with a different celeb each week and asks them 73 weird and wacky questions about their life. Of course it's all staged and rehearsed, but it is very entertaining with its rapid-fire style, plus there have been some insightful answers. Some of my favourites were Blake Lively who you see clearly loves to cook and Reese Witherspoon who showed she can do a nifty back-flip on a trampoline.

Anna Wintour herself was interviewed and when asked what's one thing you would never wear, she answered "Head to toe black". My heart sunk when she said it because I will readily admit that I wear a lot of black, and on the rare occasion, dare I say, I wear the shade head to toe. So now that I've been informed it's a cardinal fashion sin [I must say I do disagree] I thought I better come up with an alternative. Here's four stylish ways to wear head to toe white...

The white tux - Your new favourite dress isn't a dress, it's a chic tux set and white makes it all the more stylish. The perfect blend of masculine and feminine style, just beware of anyone holding a glass of red wine.

The casual chic - Ah the effortlessly undone look (that actually requires a fair bit of styling). You can't go past an oversized white shirt for weekend style. Set off your accents with some gold jewels and you're set for coffee to cocktails.

The cocktail dress - We all know and love the LBD but I think it's time we say hello to the LWD. Super stylish and sassy this is sure to work for day or night occasions.

The boho flair - Or give your look a boho twist with a gypsy-inspired top and an ever-faithful white jean. Of course a whimsical plait and some sun-kissed skin complete the look.

Photos via Pinterest.