24 October 2014

One Day. Top 10 things I love about London

Well we're at the 3-month mark now so I think I can officially call myself a London resident. That of course means claiming everything that goes with the title like knowing my way around the tube without a map, having a list of the best clubs and bars, being asked for directions and actually being able to tell the person the right information, and understanding instinctively how to dress for this crazy weather. I truly believe that London is where I've always been meant to be - I love this city and it seems it loves me too. Here are the top 10 things I love about London...

  1. The pinch me moment I get everyday as I go to work, navigate the tube, wander west end or visit the river. I live in London and it's amazing. Maybe there's something in the water because we're all totally poor, battling crowds everyday and contending with truly awful weather yet we wouldn't choose to be anywhere else.
  2. The double decker buses, or as I liked to call them when I was little, recka-steckas. There's nothing I enjoy more than cruising round the streets sitting on the top level of the bus by the front window - it gives me a content-life-is-good feeling. I highly recommend it.
  3. The nightlife. Going out in London is insane, the bars and clubs are next level, the bottle service is limitless and the music is just beyond.
  4. The characters of the city. Back when I was working in the financial district I would see this little old man at the exit of Monument station each day as he called 'good morning' in his sweet little Peruvian accent. I never took a paper but I always smiled at him and he smiled back. Another favourite of mine is the tube announcer at Victoria station - this dude is Jamaican and never ceases to make everyone smile saying something along the lines of "chill out, kick back, no need to let anybody cramp your style, rastaman driver, take these beautiful people to their destination". Day made.
  5. The unspoken rule that everyone here must walk at a pace as though they are being chased, despite whether they are in a hurry or not. I have always been a fast walker so I totally belong.
  6. Bike riding through Hyde Park with squirrels dashing along next to me.
  7. Being able to plan trips to Europe in a weekend. Just a two hour flight and I can be in Germany, Spain, Austria or Italy - how fabulous.
  8. The new friends I have made - this city is full of wonderful people who are always happy to meet someone new.
  9. It's the centre of the world - at some point or another, everyone comes to London so you're guaranteed to have plenty of visitors.
  10. The diversity - I am surrounded by all these different intriguing cultures and languages. I suppose it can be expected when 37% of the population here is born outside the UK. Another bonus is that it means there is always different authentic foods to try - yum yum.
Photo via Pinterest.