3 October 2014

One Day. Suggestions for a night in

It’s Friday – the working week is over and you’re planning the perfect night out in. Yes that’s right I actually said in.

Since moving to London my appearances on the social scene have exploded like a party-popper at a birthday. Don’t get me wrong, back in Australia I was by no means a hermit but this London thing is just a whole new level. There is literally something on here every night of the week whether it’s a birthday party, dinner date, fashion event, open air cinema, street party or drinks at the local bar… To be honest after a week of working and socialising it gets to Friday and I’m kind of exhausted. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to rebel against the status quo and suggest some perfectly delightful ideas for your Friday night IN.

  1. Personally my new guilty pleasure is plonking myself on the lounge with an episode of the Kardashians while I painstakingly paint my nails to try and get a salon result [I really miss shellac but refuse to pay London prices]. If I’m really feeling like spoiling myself I’ll whip out my body butter and hair treatment too. Call it my own version of day spa pampering.
  2. Next is travel planning – this must be my number one indulgence. If I have a night at home I will probably spend 2 hours on average browsing through Skyscanner, British Airways holidays and Expedia for trips. I have an extensive spreadsheet with a list of destinations, best seasons, suggested trips and timelines – I will admit it’s slightly obsessive but there’s just so much enjoyment to be had in planning a future holiday! 
  3. I know it’s a cliché but you really can’t beat pizza and a movie; I’ve got several classics saved on Sky like Pretty Woman, Forest Gump and Sex and the City for evenings like these. I also discovered Ben & Jerry’s icecream the other day [I know I’m a bit late to the party] which is now my go-to dessert – the chocolate brownie is my favourite.
  4. Cook up a nice meal complete with a large glass of wine – I’m not just talking soup and salad but something delicious that takes some effort. The bonus is that with all your hard work you’re sure to have some leftovers to enjoy another day. Some suggested meals include: Beef Casserole, Prawn Laksa or Canneloni.
  5. Get your life in order – some of you may not enjoy this as much as me but if I’m in the right mood there is something very therapeutic about tidying, cleaning my shelves, doing my handwashing [that has always found its way to the bottom of my laundry pile] and reorganising. I feel a serene sense of calm afterwards – you should try it.

Photo via Pinterest.