17 October 2014

One Day. A London Day in Numbers

Living in such a fast paced city, it’s all about the numbers. Money, time, distance and quantity come into play with absolutely everything I do. Here’s a look at my London day in numbers…

7 the time the clock reads as I roll out of bed

3 the number of outfit choices I usually try on before I make my choice [it’s a tough gig working in fashion]

2 minutes to spare as I dash out the door with breakfast in hand

10 the number of people I usually crash into as I brave the tube station at peak hour

1672 [totally an estimate I didn’t count] steps to walk from the tube to work

3 hot beverages to get me through the 50+ emails I receive every morning

4,000 words of copy on average written each day

8 is the chilly temperature as I get out of the office [I don’t call this autumn]

5 the number of friends I check in with for evening plans

9 songs to listen to as I get ready

37 the size of my new shoes I’m wearing to dinner

2 is the number of courses I order because it’s a cardinal sin to skip dessert

15 photos I’ve snapped that day to scroll through on my way home

12 the time I see on my clock as I close my eyes

Photo via Pinterest.