14 October 2013

Suitcase. Christmas Holiday Destinations

I'm thinking of going away for Christmas with my mum as we are long overdue for a family holiday; it's going on six years now. I got rather excited at the thought of a trip away and started fantasizing about new destinations, shopping, beaching, historical ventures, snapshots, handsome waiters and cranky passport checkers (ok maybe not them).... but then I realised, I haven't the faintest clue where we should go.

So, I thought I'd take this opportunity to throw some ideas out there and see if you had any suggestions.

Here's my thought process so far.
Duration: 10 days - 2 weeks
When: over Christmas/New Year
Who: mumma and I; two fun-loving gals with a sense of adventure and a love of the ocean and shopping
Where: ???
What: ???
Budget: moderate

Let's see what the choices are...

I wouldn't mind heading to north QLD, I've never been to the Whitsundays or Hamilton Island but trouble is that time of year is rainy season and you can't tan if the sun don't shine, so better rule that one out.

Fiji? Tahiti? New Caledonia? Oh wait, same weather problem. Damn. That also rules out a cruise.

Next idea, another Australian capital city? Well I'm always in Melbourne and would rather go somewhere different, Sydney doesn't really take my fancy, Hobart is just a no, and Perth and Adelaide aren't really striking me.

Back to the drawing board. Maybe somewhere overseas, but somewhere accessible. New Zealand? I wouldn't mind heading back to Queenstown as I had such a great time when I visited a couple of years ago. Trouble is, if I head back there I'd like to go to the snow this time and as far as I know there isn't any white powder in summer. Random blizzard perhaps? Keep dreaming.

Ok maybe I need to venture a little further overseas. Trouble is with the limited time I have off and Australia being so far away it does make things difficult. Oh how nice it would be to live in Europe. "Why don't we pop over to Switzerland for the weekend? Or Italy or Greece? They're only 2 hours away. Sounds jolly fantastic. Bravo old chap." See? So much easier. (Note: clearly I got a bit carried away envisaging myself living in England.) Now where was I? Yes overseas. Oceania is ruled out because of the weather. At this stage I don't want to visit Asia so what are we left with? South America? Bit scary. Africa? Not until I get over my needle phobia since I need all those immunizations. Europe? My dream holiday location but I think I need 3 months for that one. Or America? I do so love that country... Hawaii perhaps? It's America but without the 24 hour travel time, plus I've never been there before. Should be a good time of year. Yes I'm liking the sound of that one. Wait here while I go look at flights........

Goodness anyone would think I was unprepared booking two months in advance [I guess I kind of am] the flights are a little pricey. Might need to see if I could negotiate a deal. In the meantime does anyone else have any bright ideas? My suitcase is screaming to be packed and clearly time's a ticking!

Photo by Wikipedia Creative Commons