16 October 2013

Must Have. Dr. Jackson's Coconut Melt

This is the perfect product for me. I'm always suffering from chapped lips and I have a terrible habit of tearing at my lips without realising. Naughty naughty. Plus, the bonus is, this little pot of goodness isn't just for your lips, it can be used on dry skin, your nail beds and even your hair! If it's actually a secret beauty weapon used by Miranda Kerr and Emma Stone, as the whispers say, then it must be good! The coconut oil is said to nourish and even reduce wrinkles. I'll take ten please! $17. Shop here.

By the way, whilst I was browsing through net-a-porter you'll never guess what I came across.... Paw Paw Cream! Looks like Lucas' ointment has made the big time! I think I'll stick to getting mine at the chemist.