30 October 2013

One Day. B-Day - Beyonce's Mrs Carter Tour 2013

I had the huge pleasure of going to see my all-time favourite singer last night, Queen B. I've loved Beyonce since Destiny's Child came out with 'Say My Name' in 2000, I was only 10. I bought that album and used to listen to it on a loop knowing all the words and singing along. Today nothing's changed I love Beyonce's music and still know all the words, but what I think I love even more is what she stands for and what she represents; empowered women.

Her concert last night was indescribable and she truly is an inspiration. She sang new songs like 'Love on Top' and 'Ring the Alarm', favourites like 'Halo' and 'Single Ladies' and she even took us back to 'Survivor' and 'Crazy in Love'. There were 9 costume changes, all of which were incredible, I'd love to raid her wardrobe. She looked amazing on stage, so healthy and at ease with her body. She's such a sexy woman but not in a crude or provocative way; it's a way that you'd be proud to emulate yourself - confidence.

Beyonce was proud to present to us her all-female band complete with guitarists, drummers and her vocalists 'the mamas'. The only men in her show were 'Les Twins' a pair of incredible (you guessed it, twin) dancers who were busting out moves like I've never seen before. A testament to her kindness, at the end of the concert Beyonce singled out a girl in the audience who had a sign saying "It's my birthday. <3 u B." Beyonce stopped the music and asked the girl's name before singing her the best rendition of Happy Birthday I've ever heard, I wish that had been me; what an incredible thing to remember [wish I'd thought to go with a "it's my birthday" sign!].

Photo via The Guardian

I've been watching the clips back today and can't believe I was there. Listening to her live was an incredible thing, it was truly the best concert I've ever been to and shows she really is a one-in-a-billion talent.

We love you B.