24 July 2013

Suitcase. How to tackle carry-on luggage

I travel more than the average person and I’ve always been one to take a nice large wheelie suitcase, at least 40 litres, so I can pack a multitude of outfits for all occasions and seasons; that is, virtually my entire wardrobe and bathroom cupboard. But lately I’ve come to realise that it might just be necessary to start managing that tricky little thing called ‘carry-on’. And if I, the person who could never pack light, can do it, than you certainly can! Yes it means you’ll have to give up a few outfit changes, hair appliances and make up palettes [sigh] but it really does make travelling so much easier. Plus with carry-on I especially love the fact that now I don’t have to go through that ‘panic stage’ when I'm waiting at the baggage carousel for my bag to arrive and it’s no where in sight – “Someone’s pinched my bag… It hasn’t made it off the plane... It never made it on to the plane… There was a hole in the plane and it fell out somewhere over NSW… I’ll never see it again!............... Oh there it is.”

Anyway, I’ve had my fair share of weekend trips lately with my new best friend; carry-on luggage. So here’s a little guide on how to make your relationship a successful one.

  1. Get the right suitcase. You’re going to want something light because you don’t want to give away precious kg’s to the bag when they could be allocated to your dresses.
  2. Make sure you have outfit options; by that I mean 2 or 3 outfits that can be mixed and matched to create say 5 or 6 different options. Think basic bottoms and a few fashion tops that go well with everything.
  3. Accessorise. If there’s a cheat’s way to make any outfit look different without actually changing it, it’s with accessories! In this case, scarves are my best friend, they easily change your look and you can also wear them in a multitude of ways.
  4. Dresses are a great option for a complete outfit if you’re travelling somewhere warm and, bonus, they don’t take up too much room.
  5. Have only one set of going-out options; by that I mean one clutch and one pair of heels. Unless you’re travelling for weeks on end (in which case stop reading because you definitely need a 40 litre suitcase!) you’ll only need one option for night time. You can change it up with your clothes.
  6. Pack only one pair of daytime shoes. Yes I know it’s difficult but shoes are heavy and rather bulky so pick a great all-round pair!
  7. In terms of make up, try and pack samples. I have a little container of my favourite makeup samples just for when I go away: foundation, mascara, lip gloss, moisturiser. Just ask your cosmetic consultant for some samples to try and then stash them away for trips! Sneaky but so much better than big bottles.
  8. Always remember that on holiday, especially if you’re me, you’re more than likely to go shopping which means you’re going to need more space coming home. So always leave a little in reserve!

Wherever you head I hope you have a stylishly fabulous time with these tips and it makes your time at the airport a little more streamlined. Remember to take lots of pictures!

Photos by Wikipedia Commons Images