3 July 2013

One Day. Celebrate good times

Just a quick one today to share some of my birthday pictures with you.

My friend Ash and I had our first joint birthday party last month. We are a year apart in age, but our birthdays are within a week of each other and having known each other for 10 years it was about time really that we celebrated together! We had a lovely evening at the Hilton’s Fix Bar which is one of my favourite venues on the GC for night out with the girls [and guys]. It was an evening full of all my favourite things; dressing up, sipping cocktails, laughing with friends and delighting in delicious Sarah Lee chocolate cake (read more about my obsession here).

As for my outfit I was very brand loyal. GUESS & GUESS; that is the dress and the shoes. It was rather funny on the evening, everyone was asking what brand my dress was and I would reply “GUESS.” “I don’t know,” everyone would say. “No, GUESS.” “I’m not sure,” said puzzled faces. It was all a bit lost in translation!

When I was shopping for my outfit in the weeks leading up, I was a bit panicked I wouldn’t find the perfect dress; until I stumbled across this one. I’ve been looking for a long sleeved dress for ages and here it was! Then the sparkly shoes were picked up on the day so it was all rather last minute but I think it turned out perfect. Simple with a hint of sparkle. Perfect for a birthday girl don’t you think?

Photos by Krissie.