5 June 2013

Style It. French at sea style


Jeans by Refuge Denim, Top by Living Doll, Shoes by Steve Madden

I like to dedicate that time before you fall asleep each night to planning tomorrow’s outfit. Which means every night I must hop into bed with a mental wardrobe inventory, a weather forecast and tomorrow’s day planner because who can plan the perfect outfit without these crucial bits of information?

The evening prior to wearing this outfit I went to bed knowing I didn’t have anything new to wear but everything was washed and ironed, the weather was going to a little on the nippy side but not cold enough for winter gear, and I’d be spending my day half at my desk and half sorting through new season clothes at work. What does that equal = this French/just-stepped-off-a-boat inspired outfit.

Nothing new here; I’ve had the white jeans for a couple of seasons (I’ve just cuffed them for a different look) and this top is actually from a few years ago. I love the top for its nautical/French fusion and I’m coveting wearing white jeans while the weather is still warm. Pair with ballet flats for simple and chic.

Photos by Krissie.