14 June 2013

One Day. Gold Coast Bloggers Picnic

My Date Loaf

Julie's Chocolate Crunch

Blogging can be quite a solitary activity so it's nice when you come across some other fellow writers from your neck of the woods, i.e., the Gold Coast. Bloggers in the area seem to be few and far between, which was why it was fantastic to meet some fellow blogging companions last weekend at the Gold Coast Bloggers Picnic.

Despite the rain we weren't deterred from our get together in Burleigh, where I met 3 great food writers from southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales: Julie from Gourmet Getaways, Maureen from Orgasmic Chef and Marj from Good Food Gold Coast. Julie combines her travels and love of food into inspiring posts, Maureen is on a never ending quest to find food that is better than sex and Marj reviews local Gold Coast restaurants (so we had plenty of places to talk about!).

Now I know as the younger generation I'm supposed to know all there is to know about technology, but I have to tell you, boy did these ladies have a thing or two to teach me! There is so much to know about growing and developing a blog, maintaining your brand and enticing your audience. Not to mention all the technical aspects that go along with having a website and I was astonished at how much they knew and had to share with me.

We had a delightful morning talking blogs, food and the life of a writer over champagne and orange juice. I brought my favourite date loaf and Julie made a delightful chocolate crunch. The ladies were so helpful and I'm proud to say I walked away from the meeting with some wonderful new acquaintances, a head full of knowledge and an inspired heart, so I thank you ladies!

I'm looking forward to the next get together.

Photos courtesy of Julie Gourmet Getaways