3 June 2013

One Day. ELLE Magazine Australia Launch

My goodies bag. The cupcake was delicious! 

It was back in February now that I posted about the impending (re)launch of an Australian ELLE magazine; a few months on and excitingly enough, through my new job, I was invited to attend the Queensland launch of the title.

So off to Brisbane I went for my first visit to the suave Eagle Street Pier dining precinct. After much confusion thanks to the one-way streets, an over-full carpark and a broken ticket machine, I finally made my way to Pony, the venue for the launch. This restaurant has a spectacular view from the upper level over looking the river and the story bridge so it was befitting of the launch of Australia’s ‘sexy and smart’ new title.

I was in great company at the launch and spoke to the likes of Bauer Media staff, various faces of Brisbane fashion and I even got a quick word in with Justine Cullen, ELLE’s editor.

A bit of a history on ELLE. Australia did have it’s own title a few decades ago before it was taken out of circulation. Originally, the magazine was created by Russian-born, Paris raised Hélène Lazareff in 1945; her approach was to create a magazine for strong, independent women. Nearly 70 years on, the title now boasts 43 editions in 28 languages and is the world’s number one selling fashion title.

Justine says our Aussie ELLE will be authoritative but friendly with chic ideas and moving writing. She says being stylish is more than just what you wear so she’s creating a title that will be sexy and smart. What a perfect combination!

I think there’s such a gap in the Australian magazine market with nothing lying between the sex-prone Cosmo and the extreme fashion of Vogue. So with the perfect blend of fashion and fun that ELLE promises, I can’t wait to get my hands on the September issue!

Hello ELLE, we’ve been waiting for you.

Photos by Krissie and Pony dining.