8 December 2012

One Day. Photobombs.

It seems ‘photobombs’ are the new ‘planking’ – the latest pointless fad to sweep the internet-world, giving bored office-workers a giggle. For those of you who may not know what a ‘photobomb’ is (hi Mum!), it’s when a perfectly good picture is spoilt by someone else sticking their head in. Whilst I don’t find them particularly funny [so you struck a funny face and ruined someone’s picture], when an animal does it, it suddenly becomes hilarious. (Seems this is the case with a lot of things, human sleeping = boring, dog sleeping = totally cute; human sneezing = icky and germanous, baby panda sneezing = hysterical.)

I mean look at these guys. The penguins are obviously loving having their picture taken; the guy on the right is a total poser whilst the others clearly like to display the flexibility of their necks. Then here’s this little guy in the corner. He’s even got the ‘awkward head-tilt’ downpat and how about that smile!? Cutie.

Photo by Buzzfeed.