21 December 2012

Eat Me. Nizza Hells Kitchen, NYC

Nizza, like Pizza but with an N, is a delightful Italian restaurant I stumbled across in Hells Kitchen during my stay in New York. After wandering the sub-zero streets for some time I was ready to feed my stomach and thaw my fingers at the next place I found, and it so happens this was it!

The restaurant takes it cues from the French/Italian Riviera with wooden accents, warm tones and European murals. A quaint little bistro, Nizza features an extensive menu and also provides an entire gluten-free menu which I’m told features dishes that are better than their gluten-packed counterparts. You can see their full menu here.

I ordered the farfalle with linguini (from the regular menu), featuring prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, peas, onion and garlic. It was packed full of flavour and a very decent sized portion (and at $16 an absolutely bargain by Australian standards). My only disappointment was that the prosciutto was little diced pieces rather than the lovely long, thin strips I’m used to in Oz.

Service was great, we had a cheery American waiter who was most fascinated by the fact that we were “from down-under”. Try to nab a booth if you can, they’re very cosy and provide the perfect vantage point for people-watching.

Overall the food at this little bistro was yummy and I’d love to return. 3.5/5

Where: 630 9th Avenue, Hells Kitchen, NYC
Bookings: not necessary
Phone: (212) 956-1800

Photos by Krissie.

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