11 December 2012

[Don't] Eat Me. Bazaar QT Gold Coast

I was so excited to eat at Bazaar after hearing so many wonderful things from people, but, unfortunately, I have no wonderful things to say. I dined at Bazaar on a Saturday night, we were greeted by a friendly waiter who walked us through the buffet before seating us. First impressions were good. The restaurant had a good vibe, the buffet looked diverse and the restaurant had some funky d├ęcor. Unfortunately it all goes downhill from there.

We ordered two glasses of wine which took over 20 minutes to arrive and Bazaar’s signature tasting plate, which you are encouraged to order, turned up after another 20 minutes even though they assured me it would instantaneous. The creations on the tasting plate were clever, there was a tuna tartare, soft-shell crab, croquetas and something unidentifiable, but whilst the crab was quite tasty, the other nibbles very heavy and left me feeling a bit sick.

As the lover of seafood I am, following the tasting plate I went straight for some oysters. When I sat down to eat them they smelt very off. When I told the waiter he smelt them, agreed and said he would tell the chef and come back.
Never saw him again.

After that I was a little off trying the seafood [my usual buffet favourite] so was already disappointed. I moved to the hot section where the food is displayed in nifty crock pots, only trouble is there are no signs so you have to catch the chef’s attention to ask what every dish is. They seemed rather annoyed at being disturbed by patrons so perhaps some signs would help us both! In the end I gave up and didn’t try anything from that section.

Next was wood-fired pizza and I will say that this was very yummy. Along side the pizza, the salad bar offers multiple choices from pear, rocket and pecorino to spiced dahl. From what I tried the salads were pretty tasty too. Finally I ordered a couple of dumplings from the Asian section but as far as dumplings go they were pretty awful; no flavour and soggy.

After being told by previous diners of the third course delights, I had left plenty of room for dessert. I tried some macaroons, tiramisu and other bits and pieces but nothing was worth writing home about. Finally I went over to Bazaar’s version of ‘cold-rock ice-cream’ were I was told they would smash my chosen flavourings into my ice-cream – not so. My scoop was merely sprinkled with my selection.

Overall I was very very disappointed with Bazaar: bad seafood, poor service and bland food, barely redeemed by a stylish design and some good pizza. I won’t be returning. 1.5/5

Where: 7 Staghorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Bookings: recommended
Phone: (07) 5584 1200

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