15 June 2017

Style It. All Black Amongst The Gardens

Thanks to my mum's ever-enduring sense of style, I've always been drawn to dressing largely in monochrome with a hint of beige or grey. Yet most often, you'll find me in all black. Simple, sophisticated and guaranteed not to clash. Particularly amongst the vibrant green of Red Hill's many gardens.

We couldn't help but do one last little photoshoot amongst the shaped hedges at Lindenderry the other weekend. It reminded me somewhat of the gardens you see in France, belonging to big estates or chateaus; blending grand with eloquent, in the best way possible.

After all, the chill has officially struck here in Melbourne so it's all about layering. A sleek blazer can go under or over most things. When the wind whipped up I topped it off with this cosy shearling number... It's been getting a real workout lately.

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Photos by Amy Wren.