3 May 2017

Eat Me. Sunday Mornings At Legacy, Camberwell

I really do love a Sunday morning. I mean there has to be a valid reason why so many songs are written about that time of the week, right? Easy like Sunday morning… Sunday kind of love… Blue Sunday…

The streets are quiet, the bakeries are humming and there’s a general sense of calmness about the city that I so adore. It’s a chance to take a breath, pause and rejuvenate. And what’s the best way to rejuvenate? Why with a good ol’ brunch of course!

Last weekend I headed for the quaint Camberwell to the much-talked-about Legacy. This café hotspot sits right across the road from the beautiful Camberwell Town Hall. Such historic architecture is a delight to see! Did you know it was originally built in 1891?

Whether you come early or late, you’re certain to find Legacy buzzing, but it’s worth the wait, I promise. If you’re a chai lover like me then this cute little set-up ticks all the boxes, plus I hear the coffee is great too.

Consulting the menu will be a great challenge, there’s plenty of choice and each looks better than the last. I’m desperate to try the sushi bowl but due to the fact that I had indulged in PLENTY of sashimi last week, I thought I’d save that one for a rainy day. Instead I opted for the aptly named Little Somethin’ Somethin’. Great for a Gemini like me who can never decide on just one thing to order. It comes with an OJ, mini croissant (which was warm and buttery), acai bowl and avo toast with egg. All the essentials really!

My comrade had the hotcakes, which if her ‘mmmm-ing’ was anything to go by, are obviously very good.

If you’re in this neck of the woods, it’s definitely worth a visit. Maybe I’ll see you there?...

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Photos by Krissie.