27 April 2017

Style It. Autumn Neutrals

If you go out for a wander in Melbourne right now, there’s a certain crunch underfoot… Crisp, golden leaves are everywhere. Melbourne’s seasons really are stunning and the blazing hue that appears thanks to the trees lining all the streets is my absolute favourite side effect of the new season.

Two of my London besties were in town last weekend so I took my role as tour guide very seriously. We hunted around my favourite laneways for the most photogenic spot.

 This jumper is so cosy and I love the lace-up detailing at the back. Plus it's on sale for an absolute steal.

Off we strolled, kicking puddles of leaves as we went...

We stopped by Prahan Market for a bunch of blooms…

We brunched at Entrecote, my local favourite…

And we told many, many stories. After all, we’d stored up quite a bank since we last saw each other. All was done so amongst the golden hues of autumn’s delightful show. I can absolutely see why the Americans call it fall. I think I almost like that better..

Where in the world are you? Are the leaves falling or the flowers blooming?

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Photos by Krissie.