11 May 2017

One Day. Photos With Friends

There’s nothing better than when friends come to visit. And I’ve been lucky enough to have bountiful visitors since I moved to Melbourne, particularly in the last month. It’s a heart-warming feeling to know that even though you may not live in the same city as someone, you can still maintain those relationships from far and wide, so that when you see each other it’s like no time has passed at all.

I had two lovely London friends in Melbourne with me the other week and it was such a delight! Both are actually Aussies but we met abroad and have remained friends ever since.

There’s something really special about the friendships you make overseas, it’s a topic I discuss with other expats often. When you’re abroad and you meet people, the bond you form is really something special. You’re far from everything you know, you rely on each other, they become your family, your support network; and, in turn, you become theirs.

We brunched, wined and dined, and spent copious hours discussing our travels, past and future. Honestly, give a world map to a trio of Aussie expats and you’ll keep them entertained for hours. A few Aperol Spritzs help the cause too.

I’m beginning to agree wholeheartedly with Mark Twain when he said “Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” I’ve certainly got the friends and books down; this occasionally anxious, overachiever just needs to work on her sleepy conscience…

A big thanks to Travelshoot for following us around and capturing our moments in Melbourne. You can create your own photoshoot in cities right around the globe, find out more here.

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Photos by Travelshoot.