2 April 2017

Style It. Savouring The Last Of The Sun

If you live in Melbourne like me, you'll notice there's been a bit of a shift in temperature these past few days. Autumn has arrived with a noticeable flourish and, with the clocks turning back today, it won't be long until winter is on our doorstep.

After 2 bitter winters in London I'm well-accustomed to the cold, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love it if summer could hang around all year. There's something so lovely about setting off in a maxi skirt and t-shirt without having to lug a jacket wherever you go.

I picked up this skirt for an absolute steal a couple of weeks ago and pretty much haven't take it off since. You'll never guess where it's from...

But never matter, what can't be changed should be accepted... Right? I'm somewhat happy to see the back end of March to be honest, it was a very unlucky and trying month for me. Here's hoping April has plenty of delights in store...

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Photos by Krissie.