14 January 2016

Suitcase. Verona, Italy - Travel Guide

Verona. To me I will always associate this Italian city with Shakespeare’s Montagues and Capulets.

We stopped off here on our way back to London as the final leg of our Italian Christmas extravaganza. And what a way to finish.

This city is magic. From its historic walls and mini colosseum to its winding alleys and iconic squares.

I quickly decided after arriving here that Verona would be a fantastic place to live, particularly if you’re a creative type. There’s no doubt that writers and painters would feel completely inspired by this ancient walled city.

Historical buildings greet you at every corner, each with a story to tell. The warm shades of peach, terracotta and yellow peek out at you as they line the streets with locals zipping by in their bicycles or ambling past with their pooches.

Verona’s Cathedral is a sight to behold...

As is the nearby Ponte Pietra bridge...

And of course you can’t miss the central Piazza Erbe.

I also stopped in at Juliette’s balcony (sadly it’s not as magical as it appears in Letters To Juliet but I enjoyed it all the same).

Look to feet or bicycles for Verona. The streets are narrow and the alleys are a-plenty so you’ll see the most this way. In summer you can even take a tour round the river, I’d like to do this next time.

Verona was our last stop in Italy before heading back to London and I thought I’d be damned if I’ve had a whole trip in this country without a gelato. So despite the fact that it was 0 degrees and I couldn’t feel my fingers, I stopped in at a shop and ordered my favourite – hazelnut. It was delicious of course!

Then as the sun set we dug into to a delightful bolognaise in a little backstreet restaurant before heading for the airport.

Ciao Verona, arrivederci!

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Photos by Krissie.