10 January 2016

Suitcase. Innsbruck, Austria - Travel Guide

After many Italian adventures over Christmas we decided on a day trip to cross the border and visit Innsbruck. Hello Austria! Having been on my travel wishlist for many years, I was excited to see this colourful little town nestled in the valley of the mountains.

Upon arrival I thought “it’s pretty yes, but their tourism board must be very savvy”. It’s a quaint little place and very picturesque around the river however it didn’t quite overwhelm me as I had expected it would. All the same I enjoyed my first Austrian experience.

My tip would be to spend a day here, two max. The city centre is a compact little place so I don’t think you need any more time. Start down by the river and take in the sights of the colourful homes set against the mountains. Then wander up towards the park before looping back into the centre of town.

Innsbruck Cathedral is an impressive sight and you can’t miss the Golden Roof in the main square. Back in the day the Emperors used this balcony to watch festivals and events.

Walking and trams are your two best options for this little town. Although, if you’re here then I would recommend hiring a car to take in the other sights and towns in the region. I hear Swarovski’s head office isn’t far away – we didn’t make it there but I believe it’s worth a trip!

Meat and beer. That’s what I think of when I think of Austrian food. We enjoyed exactly that for our day trip feasting on lunch at a Speckeria. You can guess what they served – divine platters of freshly sliced meat and cheese which we washed down with some refreshing local beer. All in all a great lunch break.

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Photos by Krissie.