21 January 2016

One Day. 5 January Pick-Me-Ups

I grew up with the notion that January was one of the greatest months of the year. In Australia it was part of the Christmas holidays, the start of an exciting year ahead, I was often at the beach and temperatures sat around 30 degrees. Bliss.

Londoners think January is the most depressing month of the year. Funny that. I mean it’s gotta be the weather – the Poms believe this so much, they even have a day for it. Blue Monday. It falls on the third Monday of the year. Supposedly it’s the day you’re likely to be the most depressed… I have to disagree because despite the zero degree weather, January always has me excited at the prospect of what the new year holds. Blizzard or no blizzard. Empty bank account or not.

However, if you are feeling a little down, might I share with you my 5 favourite pick-me-ups.

dog video, youtube, funny video, dogs, puppies, laugh, blue monday

Dog Videos
Honestly, I could wile away several hours each evening sifting through all the animal videos in my social feed, particularly those featuring confused and/or adorable pups. If you hear giggles coming from Fulham, it’s probably me.

travel planning, map, world, travel, wanderlust, adventure, blue monday

Travel Planning
Obviously. As the wanderluster that I am, there’s barely a greater joy than that I get from staring at a European map and pinning future destinations. So far this year I’ve got Copenhagen, Geneva, Italy and Croatia on the cards… Yippee.

shopping, designer, chanel, retail therapy, exclusive, blue monday

Retail Therapy
Nothing says pick-me-up like a sassy new outfit. Whether it’s a dress, a pair of shoes or a designer handbag (splurge!), you can’t beat the thrill that comes with purchasing something new you really love.

library, books, blog, reading, blue monday

Whether it’s a good book (like this un-put-downable one) or my most favourite blog The Londoner, I love to escape reality for an hour or two and lose myself in someone else’s stories.

cooking, baking, chocolate, brownies, dessert, yum, recipe, blue monday

Get in that kitchen and whip up a new recipe – when it turns out a treat I guarantee you’ll be feeling chuffed. I’ve been making this one a lot lately.

Voila, January blues be gone - because who's got time for that anyway?

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Photos via Pinterest and by Krissie.