1 November 2015

Must Have. Cooling Down - Winter Accessories

Last year I really struggled with dressing for my first London winter. I'd wake up and see the temperature was -1 so I'd bundle myself up in so many layers I ended up looking like the Michelin Man, before literally rolling out the door. Fashion wasn't really a priority when my teeth were chattering on a daily basis.

It's really hard to look stylish when your primary outfit modis operandi is for function. Often the warmest coats and jackets are of the puffa-variety and we all know there are very little style points to be won there. So, this year I've taken stock and realised it's all about accessorising this winter; once you've bundled yourself up in 5 layers, these little pieces will complete the look so your I'm-so-freezing look packs a little more style...

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Photo by Krissie via retailers.