5 November 2015

Suitcase. What to pack for a European getaway with just carry-on

Being the globe-trotter that I am, I have become very skilled at packing for maximum travel in minimum space. Just before I moved to London I wrote a post about my top 8 tips for carry-on which you can read here. After much practice, not only have I mastered packing for Australian summer breaks (naturally easier as warm-weather clothes take up less room) but I’ve got winter breaks down-pat too! I’ll most likely be jetting off to Northern Italy for five days over Christmas so I’ve got a full-blown winter packing challenge ahead of me, snow and everything. Check out what I’ll be taking, it's all about versatility...

Be sure to try and leave a little space for some holiday shopping and mementos. A nice tip I was once given is to purchase a perfume whilst on holiday, then when you get home, put it away for a few weeks. When you bring it out again you’ll relive all the lovely memories of the trip.

Happy travels.

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Photo by Krissie via retailers.