8 October 2015

Suitcase. Party In The USA - Disneyland


I’ll always be a child at heart – I truly can’t get enough of rides; things that spin, things that go fast, things in the dark, upside down things… I love them all. Hence why I was just as excited [if not more so] as my nieces and nephews for two whole days at Disneyland and California Adventure.

Now, this wasn’t my first time at the rodeo, I’d been once before in 2007, so as soon as those gates opened on the first day I knew exactly where I was headed. The best ride of course; Splash Mountain. And I had my nieces and nephews in tow.

They sacrificed me and put me in the front seat where you get the most drenched but I was smiles all the way!...

The following 48hours turned into a blur of log rides, rollercoasters, sweet snacks and fried chicken. We were so dedicated we even returned to the park each night to watch the fireworks, see the parades and go on more rides. Needless to say I was exhausted.

If you’re a thrill seeker then the Hollywood Tower is certainly not to be missed. It’s all your nightmares come true about being stuck in a broken lift.

For something more tame but seriously intricate then try the Cars ride. These guys have created an entire Grand Canyon just for this thing. The scale is incredible.

And of course not forgetting the classic; It's A Small World...

Disneyland truly does become something else entirely at night time. I think I like it even better. The castle lights up, the rides are more thrilling, there are performances and water shows and everything is just that little bit extra spectacular.

It truly is the happiest place on earth…

Still more to come, on the next leg of the USA adventure it was time for Vegas...

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Photos by Krissie. Forgive the quality of the humble iPhone 5. I couldn't risk taking my camera, it would have been as drenched as me!