18 October 2015

Must Have. Top Five Winter Coats

There's no doubt the winter weather has struck London already. It's now dark when my alarm goes off and each morning I find myself hurriedly shuffling around my room trying to dress as quickly as possible whilst standing next to the radiator for warmth. That's when you know it's cold.

Only yesterday I read an article that said Britain is about to face a 50 year long ice age. I swear their weather reports get more and more dramatic each season. Last year they said we were in for endless blizzards and we barely ended up with a sprinkle of snow. So this year if we're set for an "ice age" then I'm thinking perhaps we'll get one snow day...

Nevertheless it's all still a sign to put away the summer wardrobe and stock up on some luxe winter coats. From pops of colour to lavish leather, these are the five favourites I'm lusting after this season...

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Photo by Krissie via retailers.