6 September 2015

Style It. 9-5 Ways To Wear

Work Work Work. Sadly (or happily, depending on your situation) we will spend 20% of our average lifetimes at work. That’s a fairly big chunk, one fifth in fact so I say you better spend it looking good. Now that summer holidays are over and you’ve topped up the last of your tan before winter strikes, it’s time to get back to work and show them who’s boss with some killer style… From the all-important interview to casual Fridays, I’ve selected some outfits to inspire you so there’s no more wasted time staring mindlessly into your wardrobe each morning. Choose these looks and I guarantee you’ll be working nine to fine…

Working Nine To Fine
When your alarm goes off daily at 7am and you roll out of bed, you don’t want to have to think too hard, especially when you haven’t had your coffee yet. My suggestion is to choose a sleek dress for mornings made easy. This look promises to make Monday to Friday effortless. Pair it with a smart robe coat and it will take you from 9am coffee to 9pm cocktails whatever the weather.

Casual Fridays
Depending on your workplace the definition of the enigmatic casual Friday could mean anything from denim shorts and Converse to merely something slightly less formal than a skirt suit. I’m walking the line between both here with a suggestion that is casual yet definitely still smart and polished. The bonus is a cape-style tailored blazer is such a versatile staple you’re sure to wear it again and again. Be sure to have some fun with your accessories. I love some stackable bangles.

The Interview
If you’ve been on the job hunt and you’ve secured an interview then well done! Now the next step is to impress them in person. When it comes to the outfit my tip is to go for a sassy-take on corporate wear, and while you need to look reasonably conservative, ensure you steer clear of frumpy. A pencil skirt and crisp white shirt is a safe go-to, pair it with mid-heel court shoes and a tote bag. Also, a watch is a great extra accessory because it shows you value time.

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Photos by Krissie via retailers.