27 September 2015

Style It. 5 Fashion Rules That Were Made To Be Broken

Fashion is such an art. Deciding what to wear each day could easily be compared to a highly important equation. You’ve got function combining with style, daily attitude and trends, not to mention the external factors like weather and occasion that come into play.

No wonder picking out our clothes each morning is such a major decision. At least for me it is. Thank goodness we have magazines, blogs, celeb style and Pinterest to inspire us. They’re like our rulebooks… But sometimes it’s good to break the rules. It’s a bit like being in a room with a big red button that says don’t push. What do you want to do? Push it of course. Thankfully breaking these fashion rules probably won’t have dire consequences [although I can’t say the same for any red buttons].

At its core, fashion has always been about pushing the envelope, trying new things and altering the status quo, so with that in mind check out the fashion rules I think were made to be broken…

Black & Navy: Never The Two Shall Meet
Not so. In fact this dark colour combo is totally on trend for the new season so there’s no need to segregate your two most staple wardrobe shades. The trick is to keep the look simple; don’t overcomplicate it with too many details. Stick to those two shades or add in an element of white to tie it together.

Double Denim Equals Double Trouble
Again wrong, totally wrong in fact. If all the celebs embracing double denim and looking hot while doing it haven’t convinced you then I don’t know what will. You can either pair your washes to match or go for alternate shades. Either way, hot.

Don’t Wear White In Winter
I’ve always been one to break this rule. I just love my white jeans too much. Sure it’s probably not the greatest shade to wear on a wet rainy day, but if the weather’s just cold and grey then I say go for it. The trick is to make your whites look cosy, not summery. Try tactile layers, a chunky knit, touches of faux fur and some staple accessories.

Never Wear Knee High Boots With A Mini Skirt
Hello, have they heard of ‘60s style? The mini skirt and the knee high boot has to be one of the most iconic pairings from this fashion era. I will admit there’s definitely a trick to making this pairing look chic though; always go for oversized shapes and loose fits on top. Steer clear of bodycon fits with the tall boots because it can look a little trampy.

Don’t Wear Sequins At Night
Wrong. What better time to wear sequins than at night? Sure you don’t want to go out looking like a tacky disco ball but there are chic, understated ways to wear them. Try a dusting on your party dress, an embellished jacket or a jewelled top for Saturday night’s party.

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