13 September 2015

Eat Me. School of Wok Supper Club, Covent Garden

Friday night in London and I found myself in Covent Garden with a cheeky little invite to London's favourite Asian cookery school; School of Wok, for a supper club.

For those of you non-city-dwellers who may not have been to a Supper Club before, allow me to elaborate. It's an evening where like-minded foodies get together to share a table and some food, while the chef pops in and out to discuss the meals with you. I guess you could say it's like a homey restaurant.

You know I love food and cooking (probably in equal measures) so it seemed like the perfect way to spend my evening. Dinner kicked off at 7pm so we arrived early and took a spin around Covent Garden Square to see the Heartbeat balloon art installation beforehand. All 100,000 of them. It's really beautiful, so definitely pop down to see it before it finishes at the end of the month.

By then our tummies were grumbling so we strolled back through the streets towards dinner.

Dress (surprisingly inexpensive considering all the comments it receives!) // Boots // Bag

Now can we all just take a moment to do a collective "ooh" and "aah" for my new Chanel Boy Bag. Two years of lusting after one and I finally took the plunge.

Honestly I'm totally in love. Can you tell? I can't stop looking at it.

Ok fashion-moment over. Back to the important stuff. The food.

Our chef Jeremy Pang welcomed us with real warmth explaining he loves these evenings as much as us because it's an opportunity for the chefs to "cook whatever they want!".

We popped some champagne, got to know our table comrades and before long our appetiser had arrived. A little nibble of street food-style spring rolls to get us excited for more.

Next up were Korean-style marinated beef skewers. Unfortunately no picture of this one, sorry, we were all so excited to dig in. I can however guarantee that they were fabulously tender. A quick chat to Jeremy in the kitchen and I learnt his secret; they're marinated in pear overnight which contains an enzyme that tenderises.

By now we'd popped some wine and were happily engrossed in conversion when the next two courses showed up. A thai style warm pork mince salad and a tempura aubergine chilli tomato curry both served with coconut rice [of course!] and a song tam salad.

Can I just say, yum! These were honestly so good, particularly the tempura aubergine. I think I need to poach Jeremy to cook for me at home.

Just when we thought we couldn't fit in another bite, dessert arrived. Black sesame balls and chocolate ice-cream. The perfect way to finish a feast.

I've got to say it was such a fantastic evening. Next time you're thinking of going out to dinner I would highly recommend a supper club. It's a great alternative to the usual meal with friends in that it's got a great social feeling and the food really is first class. Book your own visit to School of Wok here.

This post was sponsored by School of Wok. Thank you for having us.

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Photos by Krissie.