13 August 2015

Suitcase. Santorini, Greek Islands - Travel Guide

Santorini. Undoubtedly its reputation precedes it. I was so excited, by the time I arrived on the ferry that as we were pulling into the dock I felt quite an emotional sense of wonderment looking up at the sheer cliffs.

My lovely hotel had arranged for my transfer so I sat back in comfort whilst my driver proceeded to tell me allllll about the island.

It’s one of the oldest places in the world…

The wine of Santorini is very distinctive in taste; strong and sweet…

The island was made from a volcano that last erupted in 1956…

The ocean around the island is over 3km deep…

No, giant human-eating octopus do not live in the water… I’ll admit my question might have prompted this one!

I checked into my amazing cave-like room with an incredible sea view balcony and set off about exploring Thira where I was staying. The town is perched right on top of the ex-volcano so the views are breathtaking. All venues take full advantage of their prime position with homes, hotels and restaurants occupying all the edges.

The bougainvilleas made another appearance in Santorini and their charming blossoms certainly added to the appeal of the place…

Rockin' my double denim look again // shirt and shorts

If you’re looking for an incredible sunset and more of those iconic blue domes then a trip to Oia at the north end of the island is essential. Here you’ll find plenty of look-out points, charming shops and restaurants.

It doesn’t matter where you are at any given time, the views always extend way out to the horizon…

We took a boat trip with Sunset Oia one afternoon where we set off from the clear waters of Oia Bay to circumnavigate the island. We stopped at Red Beach, sailed by the sheer cliffs and nestled in a few quiet bays where we took every opportunity possible to jump off the boat and swim in the clear sea!

My favourite nautical bikini here and here

Red Beach

And yep, you guessed it, White Beach - creative with their names aren't they?...

As the sun set the skippers ensured we were in the prime place to view the red blazing sun as it dipped below the horizon. Have I mentioned how incredible the Greek Islands sunsets are!?

You can reach Santorini directly by ferry from many of the other islands. Once you’re there, depending on which town you stay in, most things are within walking distance. If you want to explore more of the island you can take a taxi, bus or hire a quad bike.

One thing’s for certain in Santorini, every meal you have will come with a spectacular lookout for your viewing pleasure.

Cocktails? View.

Dinner? View.

Breakfast? View.

Dessert? View.

If you’re looking for a lovely meal then you can’t go past Naoussa. They do a great moussaka and a lovely chicken dish. Not to mention some amazing dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) which are my favourite.

The best ice cream on the island would have to be from Lolita’s in Oia so ensure you make a trip [or three] there.

And so came the end of my Greek odyssey after nine amazing days. I appreciated all three islands for each of their different qualities and left holding a very special place in my heart for the Mediterranean. Sun, sand and sea truly makes me happy so I can’t wait to return…

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Photos by Krissie.