2 August 2015

Eat Me. Le Restaurant, Paris

When I told my friend I was heading to Paris the first thing she said to me was “You must have lunch at Le Restaurant at L'Hotel!”

After Googling and discovering it was right round the corner from my apartment I thought how could I say no!? Particularly when it’s Michelin star, you know how I love some fine dining…

I rolled in on Friday, after dropping my bags off, wearing my favourite yellow dress. After being up at the crack of dawn, catching the Eurostar and finding my apartment, it’s safe to say I had worked up a fairly large appetite.

Nestled in the very majestic yet quaint L’Hotel, Le Resturant’s lunch is the perfect opportunity to try their cuisine (hint: lunch is much cheaper than dinner!). I sat in the little courtyard by the fountain and soaked in my surroundings whilst very efficient waiters bustled around me.

I opted for two courses; main and dessert but like any good restaurant they’ll bring you other little treats as well. I started with a very intriguing amuse-bouche (which literally means a mouth amuser!). There was a bubbling prawn cracker, a little soft cheese roll with a snappy pastry coating, an aniseed infused bread and mini fruit tarts. Yum. Mouth amused? Check.

Next was a little mousse to get the palette going. When they set it down in front of me I was very intrigued. It was a ham-infused light-as-air mousse with chunks of melon underneath and some crispy prosciutto on top. Interesting but delightfully so. Palette ready and waiting…

Tada – the main course! My fish was beautiful. I really do love a good piece of cod and this one was cooked to perfection combined with crunchy pieces of fresh apple, a soft mash, lemon segments and a zingy vitamised juice.

Then I finished off the meal in style with a heart-breakingly pretty apricot dessert. I shall call it five variations on apricot – there was mousse, jelly, custard, fresh pieces and a little sponge. Perfection. 5/5

Feeling thoroughly sated I was ready to explore. Bonjour Paris, so lovely to see you again…

Where: 13 Rue des Beaux Arts, Paris 75006
Phone: +33 1 4441 9901
Bookings: essential

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Photos by Krissie and via L'Hotel.