17 April 2015

One Day. Big Little [Fashion] Lies

We’re all guilty of throwing a little white lie in there occasionally, but when it comes to fashion I think there are three big whoppers we’ve all used a little too often…

 “I can’t remember where I got it actually…”
Of course you can, you were swinging that [insert brand name] bag all the way home. It’s your most prized recent purchase. The fact is you just don’t want anyone to know where you bought it because if you tell them they’re likely to turn up to Saturday’s party wearing the same thing. After all, in the fashion world no one likes a copy cat. It’s all about individual style darling.

“I didn’t have time to change…”
Lie. Of course you did. Don’t believe anyone who says they didn’t try. They are like those people from school who said “I haven’t studied”. Of course they did, everyone studies. But to avoid seeming like we’ve tried too hard we like to labour under the pretence that we are ‘oh so very busy’ and important dashing about town whilst still looking fabulous. “Coming straight from the office” means they snuck into the bathroom five minutes before work ended to reapply make-up and spritz more perfume. Gotcha.

“Thanks, it’s vintage…”
Vintage. Code for any random item you own that isn’t a high street or designer brand; it could be from your mum’s closet, a cheapo market, a sample sale or eBay. In other words it’s a shameful fashion secret that you dress up with a fancy, socially-acceptable name. You know, because everyone LOVES vintage fashion ATM.

Games up ladies. I know your secrets…

Photos via Pinterest.