10 April 2015

One Day. A Quick Home Visit

I’m backkk – on English turf that is, for you virtual readers I never left you. But, IRL I just had a whirlwind trip back home to Australia. For a week. Yes a week. It was hectic but it was so worth it with family and friends waiting at the other end, not to mention being somewhere that I could wear a sleeveless dress without having to put on three coats.

Sadly I’m not a very good flyer, turbulence makes me nervous, I hate plane food and I can’t sleep in a chair. Seriously. I’ve tried so so hard but it’s just impossible. On the bright side I’m well up to date with all the latest movies. Paddington (the bear) had me crying with laughter. I tried to do it silently which only made me look like a crazy person. If you haven’t seen it already I recommend you go and watch!

Anyway back to my trip, I arrived home to the waiting arms of my mummy, after a long embrace at the airport it was home to the GC for a couple of days where I squeezed in seeing every beautiful friend I could, and also got my hair done [duh, priorities!].

Denim Dress by Miss Selfridge £39

Next it was off to Noosa for a couple of days. This has long been a favourite of mine. Mum and I have been holidaying here together since I was 3. We alternated between splashing around in the pool when a moment of sunshine came, and going back to drink tea and take photos in the garden when the rain started. [Really I just wanted an opportunity to wear my new jumpsuit!]

Jumpsuit by Zara TRF £30 SOLD OUT (similar here) 

We went for strolls on the beach, shopping on Hastings Street, drank wine and shared stories. It was just a real shame it rained most of the time. So much for getting a tan [Australia how could you do it to me? I thought we were friends].

Then it was back to the GC to see more friends and indulge in more delicious dinners. Throughout the week I had divine Japanese, elegant Italian, scrumptious seafood and a punchy pizza. Dad also popped up for a visit from Melbourne so there was plenty of father-daughter bonding.

Thankfully the sun decided to shine for my last couple of days so I managed to have a couple of dips in the ocean. I can’t really complain... the temperature the whole week was approx. 28 degrees. Way warmer than London’s constant chill.

Then after what felt like a blink it was back to the airport and back onto the plane. Australia it was beautiful to see you but London it’s great to be back [and to a waiting 17 degree day – you shouldn’t have!].

Photos by Krissie.