21 November 2014

One Day. Bloggers Hub Autumn Event

I had the pleasure of attending a splendid blogger event in London this week, organised by the lovely girls over at Blogger Hub. When an invitation came round offering a tiki themed bar location, beauty brands in attendance, a fashion parade and cupcake decorating I thought how can I resist!? I’m so glad I attended because I came across some lovely brands, people and fellow bloggers that I probably wouldn’t otherwise cross paths with in this crazy London world. As you can probably tell by my photos I was a little obsessed with the tiki tiki [it has to be said twice] location – Kanaloa’s Hawaiian cocktails were deeeelicious.

Here are some of the lovely brands I spoke to, each of which had some great products on offer…

Matthew Calvin jewellery - this talented designer makes all the creations himself. With urban edgy, individual designs it's true craftsmanship.

Sumayah Deria - This young designer boasts some beautiful feminine designs; think lashings of lace and flippy skirts.

Sniffy Wiffy beauty products - not only do these creams smell delicious but they come with a good premise - promoting breast and testicular cancer awareness. Do your self checks everybody.

Bow Boutique - had the perfect collection of party dresses. Check them out on your next search for Saturday night's outfit.

Ndulge Creams - had some delightfully indulgent homemade blends of creams and exfoliants. Hello baby soft skin.

Umberto Giannini - these guys were onsite to offer hair tips and make-overs. I nabbed myself some much-needed hair oil which has totally indulged my very dry locks.

Hifas da Terra - chocolate made from mushrooms, who woulda thunk it? Hello same delicious taste with bonus health benefits.
Tiki tiki!

Photos by Krissie.