10 November 2014

Style It. Walking in an autumn wonderland?

Everyone knows about London’s winter chill, but no one ever warned me about the autumn one. Here we are it’s barely November and the other morning I woke up to read my phone telling me it was a frigid 0 degrees. I’m sorry what? No wonder I had a shock when I woke from a dream about balmy Hawaiian beaches to a very chilly bedroom.

I’m all a bit confused really. I mean I was in Milan the other weekend which is right near the alps but that was lovely sunshine and warm days [I wished I’d packed a t-shirt]. Then on the other hand I was in Edinburgh this weekend where there was a low of 2. I speak to my mum each morning in Australia where she is telling me what a lovely day it is and that it’s 30+ degrees. I get lulled into a false sense of security after our chats because I step outside here and get a bit of a fright.

Exhibit A – what I wish I was wearing. Shorts by Refuge, Top & Boots by River Island, Bangle by Marc Jacobs

Exhibit B – what I’m actually wearing plus a huge jacket. Knit by Trenery, Jeans by River Island, Boots by Bershka

Thank goodness there is a bit of a trade-off since Christmas is on its way and the city’s decorations have started to appear. I think I can handle the chill if it means having some snowy festive days, mulled wine, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland and roast feasts.

Photos by Krissie.