13 September 2014

One Day. London working life starts here

That's it, the search is over - I'm officially employed!

I was a very happy girl this week when I got a phone call offering me an amazing job at a London High Street retailer, working in content and copywriting. I must have looked a bit deranged that day because I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around London with this maniacal grin on my face. After all, it's been a bit of a stressful seven weeks leading up to this point but now I can finally stop worrying and embrace this new life [and plan a few cheeky weekend trips!].

I've had all kinds of experiences since arriving here but applying for jobs and being unemployed in a new city isn't a great feeling. Maybe the first week is ok because you spend it being a tourist but after that it's quite daunting. Funds start running low, any friends you have are busy with work and the days can get a little lonely.

One good thing about applying for jobs and interviewing is the amount of places I've gotten to see - honestly if you want to get to know a city just apply for jobs; I've been north, south, east and west, country, city, high street and ghetto, visited tube stations I wouldn't otherwise have been to and walked a mile [or ten] in my interview shoes.

One thing I will say about the work industry here is that whilst it is very much dominated by recruitment agencies, I don't think I'd recommend them. Those people are exhausting.... and very very nosy! They want to know if you're seeing anyone else (recruitment agents not boyfriends) to which I answer no but the truth is yes - I think recruitment agent infidelity is rife in this city. They ask what have you been doing, where do you want to go, how much do you want to earn, what are your skills, what are your bad points... Honestly it's like a bad therapy session. I signed up with quite a few agents around town but all the interviews and job success I had came from ones I found myself. So my advice is just to stick with those companies who work directly with their candidates - chances are they are a better employer anyway!

Well that's it for now, I'm going to sit back, relax and enjoy my new found "employed" status by blowing all my funds on celebratory martinis. Cheers!

Photo via Pinterest.