27 June 2014

Suitcase. Long Haul Flight Travel Essentials

I absolutely love to travel, particularly to far-flung overseas destinations, but I will say that spending over 24 hours in a less-than-metre-squared space isn't always so fun. Thankfully the trip is made a little easier these days thanks to the great selection of food and entertainment provided by the airlines. Here's my tips for what to pack in your carry-on to get you through the travel period and arriving feeling fresh and ready to explore!

  • Obviously the essentials; passport, wallet, phone, cash, currency card, tickets and paperwork. Forget any of these and you've got yourself a travel headache.
  • For entertainment I like to take: a book (make sure it's one you're already into, I find it hard to start reading something new on a plane), iPod and noise cancelling headphones [essential!] and a travel guide for the area that you're heading - plane time is perfect for studying up and getting excited! I also like to pack a travel journal and a pen for jotting down all my thoughts and experiences.
  • To keep myself feeling fresh and looking good I take make-up wipes, face-mist, lip balm and a tinted moisturiser. I feel much better if I don't have to step off the plane feeling bare-faced. I also keep a small bottle of hand-sanitiser to keep the germs away.
  • For comfort I pack a pair of comfy warm socks and a jacket to use as an extra pillow or back-rest. Even if it's not cold they always come in handy.
  • I like to wear loose fitting clothes that are warm but comfortable like harem pants and a knitted jumper. Then I take a spare outfit for getting on and off the plane. I don't like walking through airports feeling like I'm in my pyjamas.
  • I never fly without gum and a vicks inhaler to keep my head clear and avoid a compression headache. Panadol is also essential because there's nothing worse than feeling in pain on a long flight.
What are you travel essentials?

Photo by Krissie.