18 June 2014

Style It. My Top 5 Fashionable TV Characters

Over the years I have often been inspired by the fashions of my favourite TV shows. I'm sure that the wardrobes the stylists have access to are incredible so with their selection and choices I find it great to take inspiration from what they put together. I'm often asked how I would describe my style and I find it hard to answer because I do like to chop and change and try new looks out. Here are my Top 5 TV Character's Fashions that I'm lusting after - all of whose style I like to pinch occasionally and make it my own.

1. Carrie Brawshaw - Sex & The City
Honestly, who else could be number one on my list - it has to go to Carrie. A fashion-forward writer living in NYC with a tumultuous lovelife; it is obvious that fantastic style goes with the territory! From clashing ensembles to bold silhouettes you can always count on Carrie to step out in style especially when wearing her trusty Manolo Blahniks.

2. Serena Van Der Woodsen - Gossip Girl
A killer designer wardrobe with all the latest couture? You would expect no less of an Upper East Side trust-fund princess. Ah Serena, to have your wardrobe in real life; from the cocktail dresses to ball gowns and the painfully chic shorts and blazer combinations. She's super stylish and perfectly walks the line between preppy and feminine with several dashes of designer added in for good measure.

3. Ashley Davenport - Revenge
She may not be the main character in Revenge but her fashion certainly steals the show with sleek dresses, pencil skirts and feminine blouses. Ashley's outfits are always accessorised perfectly with a combination of dainty jewels and statement pieces.

4. Naomi Clark - 90210
This babe from the revamped 90210 never fails to look stylish. Her style mixes up-to-the-minute fashions with 90s trends for a super chic result. Think mini dresses, pops of colour, statement accessories and Ralph Lauren knits tied around the shoulders.

5. Marissa Cooper - The OC
Ah Marissa - she made such a huge impression on me during my teenage years. Thankfully I was inspired by her fashion and style and not her drunk and drug-taking antics. The girl could pull off so many different looks: couture dresses, preppy twin-sets, varsity hoodies and even polo shirts. Her endless supply of Chanel handbags was inspiring, as was her ability to wear ballet flats with EVERYTHING and still look amazing.

Photos via Pinterest.