16 April 2014

Style It. Scarf Kimono

The 90s was all about crop tops and choker necklaces, the 00's trend was mini dresses in rainbow colours and if I had to pick what the hit style for the 10s is so far I'd have to say kimonos and kaftans. These styles are all the rage whether you throw them on over your swimmers, jeans and tee or favourite party dress. There have been some gorgeous kimonos in stores recently from Spell and Sportsgirl so I felt inspired and decided to give my own version a go... and [bonus!] all you need is a scarf.

Take a large, silky, square scarf and fold it in half. The bigger the scarf is the longer your kimono will be; to give you an idea, my scarf is around 1m x 1m and it comes down to my knees.

Tie each of the two corners together in a neat knot; you have now created your sleeves. Slip it on like you would a cardigan and voila; one kimono for the fashionable girl. How easy was that? You can thank me later.

Photos by Krissie.