4 April 2014

Plate Up. Easy Omlette

Now you may be thinking, who needs a recipe for an omelette, and yes I will admit they are super simple to make, but I wanted to do this post today to not only share my recipe but also jog your minds about this simple delicious meal. When I'm busy at work I often struggle to think of quick and easy dinner ideas but I have recently renewed my love of the omlette. It's simple, delicious and there are so many flavour combinations you can try; vegetarian, ham, prawn, roast vegetable, plain cheese... the combinations are endless and the only limit is your pantry contents.

What you'll need
2 eggs
2 tablespoons milk
your chosen ingredients, I like using:
tasty cheese

What to do
Prepare your ingredients, slice, chop, grate, etc. In a bowl, whisk your eggs and milk together and season well. Heat a non-stick pan (the smaller the better, I find it much easier to manage, aim for about 15cm diameter). Pour the egg mixture into the pan and swish it around until it covers the pan. Leave to cook on low heat. When it's starting to firm up, sprinkle your ingredients over the top and leave to cook for a few more minutes. When the omelette base is looking firm gently pick up one side and flip it over on the other so you end up with a half moon shape. Leave to cook again for another couple of minutes and serve.

Simple and delicious.

Photo by Krissie.